Pay Like A Local, Earn Like A Pro

Use your Travel Wallet abroad to get great exchange rates instantly. Earn SAS EuroBonus Extra points each time you spend, making this the wallet that pays you.

No More Trips, To the Bank

Open Your Account and Load in Minutes

Once you create an account with the Travel Wallet you’re able to immediately load funds on to it to prepare for your trip.

Exchange in Real Time

Before, during, or after your trip you’ll be able to exchange your funds without ever having to set foot in the bank.

Get the Best Rates

We let you know the rate before the transaction so you can be confident you’re getting the best rate when you exchange with Travel Wallet

Your Phone is Your Wallet

Have Peace of Mind Going Cashless

Have peace of mind that your money is secure by having it, and spending with it with the Travel Wallet.No more need for money belts filled with euros and pound notes.

Know What You’ve Spent, Where You’ve Spent It

Want to know the restaurant you found yourself at on your latest adventure but forget the name? Check out the Trnasaction History section for your latest transactions.

Get Paid For Your Spending

Earn Points Everywhere

Earn 15 EuroBonus Extra Points for every 100 SEK equivalent. Spent abroad and you get an extra 2 EuroBonus Points for Every 100 SEK equivalent spent at home.

Secure Like a Bank

Freeze and Unfreeze Your Card

Have you misplaced your card and can’t find it? No problem. Navigate to the Cards section and put a temporary block on it until you’ve found it. If you can’t find it cancel it and we’ll send you a new one right away.

Change Pin in Real Time

Worried someone saw your pin while making a transaction abroad? Change your pin in real time in the Cards section and be confident that your finances are secure.

Priceless Cities

Rêv has partnered with Mastercard to bring to you Priceless Cities, a perk program that allows World Mastercard members to enjoy exclusive events and offers in major cities all over the world.

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Peace of Mind Travels with You

The Travel Wallet is your gateway to secure spending while abroad. Have confidence when travelling that you are getting the best exchange rates while earning points to future purchases.