Why the Travel Wallet?

The all new SAS Travel Wallet allows you to travel abroad while spending like a local. Too often travellers are forced to exchange their money at their local bank or pay exorbanent fees while spending abroad. The SAS Travel Wallet solves this by allowing you to exchange your money in real time, at home or abroad, while earning SAS EuroBonus Points

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Spend like a local, earn like a pro

Stop carrying around money belts full of cash. With the new SAS Travel Wallet you can exchange your native currency to the country you’re in in real time. No more making trips to the bank, no more paper money. Welcome to the future of travel.


Be at peace while you travel

Travelling requires you to think about a lot of things. Keep your money safe, and your expenses tracked in the SAS Travel Wallet App. We’ll keep it on lockdown so you can relax on your trip.

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Be a VIP with Priceless Cities

SAS Travel Wallet has partnered with Mastercard to bring you exclusive offerings while travelling abroad with Pricess Cities. Whether you’re in LA, Tokyo or anywhere in between you have exclusive offers at your fingertips

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Peace of Mind Travels with You

The Travel Wallet is your gateway to secure spending while abroad. Have confidence when travelling that you are getting the best exchange rates while earning points towards future purchases.